System Spec
& Assembly



DVD, Blu-ray,
Streaming Media

Are you looking for a computer system to produce streaming media? Or perhaps an HTPC - a computer-based DVR for a home theater system? Do you need a mobile system for both producing and delivering presentations? Let Digital Media Consulting help you evaluation the latest offerings in today's ever-changing market, and arrive at the best combination of hardware and software to achieve your objectives.

  • A/V Presentation Creation and/or Delivery System specification and configuration
  • HTPC - DVR without the Tivo charge; Blu-ray, DVD, and Internet TV; Internet browsing, Email, YouTube, and Facebook - in High Definition, on your Home Theater System.
  • Notebook, Netbook, or Tablet? Pick the right solution for your needs.
  • Custom computer builds for demanding applications - Gaming, HD Video Production, and more.

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